Application Development

You can also choose to outsource all or part of the application development to us. We are eager to collaborate with you to identify opportunities for automation, establish requirements, perform a knowledge acquisition, and build the final application. Some customers take a hybrid approach where our developers work closely with the customer’s team of engineering experts on a specific product and its associated processes. Projects can be as short as 2 months and follow an Agile approach to assure the timely delivery of applications and realise a significant ROI. Collaborative projects can also form an excellent opportunity for our customer’s developers to build their skills alongside our experts.

VAR Program

By joining the Value-Added Reselling Program you can use ParaPy to increase value for your own customers. A VAR obtains the privilege of developing ParaPy applications for his customers. A VAR may also embed the ParaPy technology inside his own solutions to improve the ability to develop, promote and market them. We invest in good relationships with our VARs as we believe that your success defines ours. If you are interested in the opportunities that the VAR Program provides, don’t hesitate to contact us.