The ParaPy company is specialized in automation of repetitive, time-consuming engineering design processes. Our team is a mix of software experts and engineers dedicated to developing our flagship software platform ParaPy and bringing it to industry and academia.

Customers approach us for engineering consulting, training and support. We also develop software applications in conjunction with our customers.

Our company was recently admitted to the prestigious YES!Delft tech incubator in Delft, The Netherlands, where we are also located.

Our Team

Reinier van Dijk

Co-Founder and CEO

Max Baan

Co-Founder and CFO

Stefan van der Elst


Florian Treurniet

Platform developer

Karl Lundfall

Platform developer

Zita Papp

Software engineer

Imco van Gent

Software engineer

Pietro Pasotti

Software engineer

Colin Heimans


Kelbey Wheeler


Jelle Weigand